Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Saddling up for the John Denver Tribute Concert

What are your favorite John Denver songs? You'll get a chance to hear a few at the
John Denver Tribute Concert on Sunday May 17 on Baingbridge Island, Washington.

I plan on playing a few FAROUT tunes in honor of the prolific performer and songwriter.

My current plans include these tunes:

1. Country Roads (a waltz in Spanish)
2. Thank God I'm Country Boy (heavy blues version)

Yes, you're right. He didn't actually WRITE all those songs, but he did perform them.

I hope to play a George Thomas hand made nylon string parlor guitar.

Brad Yaeger will be playing along with me. We'll split up the singing duties.

This concert, hosted by Chalice Music and Music Community Resources, will be a fundraiser for Teen Music Scholarships.