Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Un visitante de la Niña.

What a surprise to look out my window and see a square rig vessel on Lake Union. Moments later I received an e-mail from the Center for Wooden Boats with the haps.

It was a replica of La Niña, one of the sailing vessels used by Christopher Columbus. This boat was hand built in Brazil using methods of the 15th century.

Steerage is with a large tiller. The steering "wheel" for the helm had not yet been invented. Only the captain had a berth below deck. All other hands slept on the open deck.

Gracias por el visitante!

Jorge plays some guitar on Brad Yaeger's CD

Jorge's guitar playing is featured on the new CD "Fighting to be Last" by Brad Yaeger.

Got some clean sounds and a solid backing rhythm guitar for Brad. Even have a few solos in there.

Take a listen...