Thursday, October 01, 2009

Neck realignment project

The low E string on a Fender Squire was sometimes slipping off the finger board when I played single notes. Barre chords seemed to work okay but when I would play some heavy riffs on the single E string it would slip off the finger board.

Looking at the fingerboard I could see that the low E was closer to the edge of the fingerboard than the high E string. This indicated a neck alignment problem. The neck was not coming straight out of the body of the guitar.

The solution was to re-align the neck.

I loosened up the strings but left them on the guitar as a guide. Then I used a screw driver to loosen the neck bolts at the back of the guitar. I put the guitar on a table in the playing position. I pushed down on the neck until the strings looked more centered. I had to keep pushing on the neck while I tightened up the neck bolts. The Squire was ready for action after a quick re-tune.

No more string falling off! The strings are much more centered on the guitar.