Thursday, February 25, 2010

Installing a Fishman piezo pickup in a resonator

This resonator has a spider bridge but the Fishman pickup works with either a spider or biscuit style bridge.

First thing to do is remove the strings and the bridge cover.

Pull out the bridge and cone from the guitar.

Drill a hole through the end and install the jack.

Connect the piezo to the underside of the cone. Make sure that you have the correct side of the piezo touching the cone. This guitar didn't quite match the instructions provided by Fishman.

Install the cone and bridge. Put on a string and connect the guitar to an amp. Adjust the tightness of the cone nut until there is optimal output from the pickup. The pickup was sensitive to this adjustment. Too tight or too loose and there was hardly any output.

After the nut is adjusted, pull the string off and install the bridge cover. Put the strings on and you are ready for some electrified resonator.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Modded Digitech Hot Rod Distortion Pedal

This Digitech Hot Rod Distortion pedal has been a good workhorse for me. Mods on this pedal are bit difficult because of the surface mount technology. However I was able to upgrade some caps. The evil green monitor LED was a nice upgrade. Sounds way cool.